Cleanbridge develops, designs, finances, constructs and operates large-scale photovoltaic solar power plants.

Cleanbridge is an independent power producer (IPP) focused on owning and operating our power plants during their full lifetime.


Track Record

  • 590 MWp developed, constructed, and/or financed by management team in full responsibility

  • more than $500 million project financing across Europe, Latin America and Asia

Management Team

Our team started together at Q-Cells SE which was the worldwide leader in ground-mounted PV systems 2008-2009 in terms of number of installations, lower balance-of-system costs, largest power plants, and fastest construction teams.


100% management owned, fast decision making by industry experts


Stefan Kratz

  • 20+ years international project management experience across Germany, China and U.S.

  • 10+ years utility, commercial and residential PV and energy storage

  • VP Energy Technology, Sungevity; Senior Director, Stem; Managing Director, China, Q-Cells

  • M.S. in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business,

  • B.A. Duke University


Dr. Achim Gebel

  • Developed three of the world’s largest PV power plants 2009-2011

  • Development, construction and financing of five solar and wind power plants in Germany, 2011-2016

  • McKinsey Consulting, led McKinsey Global Study on Energy Markets

  • Ph.D. in Business, Dual Master Degrees in Business and Geography, T.U. Berlin


Dr. Thomas Gnefkow

  • Development, financing & construction of 180 MWp in Japan

  • Co-financed first 30 MWp merchant PV power plant worldwide

  • Senior VP of Procurement, Q-Cells

  • McKinsey Consulting

  • Ph.D. in Organizational Development